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Vegaline, a 100% as well as vegan alternative to "Pure" Petroleum Jelly, is made with simple, natural and certified organic ingredients - super nourishing and quick absorbing oil and waxes. Vegaline will help your skin stay soft all day long. Leaving your skin looking soft and moisturized, Vegaline can be used for: moisturizing the face, keeping lips soft, styling and nourishing dry and brittle hair, keeping your body moisturized, tattoo aftercare, removing makeup, priming your face, helping cracked and dry heels and feet, soothing delicate baby bottoms and everything else "Pure" Petroleum Jelly is used for! Vegaline is great for: sunburns, dry skin, blemishes & acne, rashes, sensitive skin, cracked lips, cracked heals, eczema, and irritated skin. Vegaline is unscented and hypoallergenic.    

This products is:

• 100% Natural
• Vegan
• Cruelty Free
• Made with certified organic ingredients
• Made with only truly natural mineral pigments
• Handcrafted in Canada

This product DOES NOT contain: mineral oil, petroleum jelly, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, alchohols and any other synthetic ingredients.

Product size/weight:  
Available in 3 sizes.
The scent: Unscented.  
Use within: 12 months of opening. 
Comes in: A convenient, recyclable jar.
( * = Certified Organic) Ingredients: *Safflower Oil, Coconut Oil & Soy Wax.
Due to ingredient cost fluctuations this product may occasionally have a change in price.


  • 5
    Soft and comforting on eczema

    Posted by Customer on 11th May 2016

    I found your product on the Eczema Company website, and I'm so glad that I did. I already use Skinny and Company coconut oil, but needed something to lock in moisture on my very dry, brittle, and irritation-prone eczema skin. Vegaline is so soft and gentle to apply anywhere, literally head to toe. The only thing it doesn't do great is act as a fully occluding ointment like petroleum jelly. For my situation, the fact that Vegaline sinks in so easily isn't as helpful when my skin is extremely cracked and raw. Not sure if a higher ratio of brown rice wax would provide this? In the meantime, I do have to use petroleum jelly during bad flares to be able to lock in moisture under cotton gloves and arm wraps. Brown rice wax is a brilliant ingredient by the way - due to allergies I have to avoid honey and beeswax, and shea butter might I add. This was the first heavy product I found that had neither of those things!

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    The Best Moisturizer for my Problematic Skin

    Posted by Emily on 7th Apr 2016

    I have been using this as an all over body moisturizer and I have to say, it is absolutely the best all natural and organic product I have found. I have eczema all over my body and some small, dry patches on my face and I have been noticing that my skin has been getting so better as I have used Vegaline on it. Most products I found and used agitated my skin condition and made it even worse, so I was so happy when I found this. Five starts, totally recommend it. Please never stop making this product!

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    I love the Vegan Line

    Posted by Mira on 23rd Mar 2016

    I love the Vegaline product. It has a very nice, soft and moisturizing texture. It is unscented and absorbs very nicely on my skin, unlike many balms which are always too solid and hard to apply easily. It also makes a great makeup remover. I've removed water proof mascara with it and it takes it all right off. I have also been using the scented vegan line versions and am very happy with the texture and how they have been helping my very cracked lips and hands and feet. It is hard to find an effective, all natural creamy balm moisturizer which is actually vegan and now I have!