We at Delizioso Skincare send our love and warm wishes to all those affected by Covid19. We truly hope all will shift to the better soon with everything slowly returning to normal and thank each and every one of you who has made an effort to help yourself and those around you by following guildelines and protocols, and to the front line workers putting themselves on the line to help others. If you are a front line worker and would like to have a special exclusive discount from us for yourself and those working with you, please contact us.


During this difficult pandemic, the borders being closed has caused us to not be able to source some of our most commonly used packaging from our US suppliers, as well as many bottles and ingredients etc. being listed out of stock for months. Due to this, we are facing many delays when getting packaging and ingredients. We are doing our best to fulfill as soon as possible, and our usual fulfillment time is 1 week, but please note there might be a delay during this time :) Thank you!

Our store here in London Ontario had been closed for some time due to Covid19. But, our complete product line has also been affected by this pandemic. 

Every single product ordered is always freshly crafted just for you, by our two person team! We do our very best to ship as soon as possible. 

We source a large amount of our packaging from outside of Canada, from the US, and also from Europe. As you may know, the US border here into Canada has been closed for some time now. This is definitely vital for the pandemic situation. But, unfortunately, this has caused a big impact on our ability to source packaging and some ingredients that we would source outside of Canada. Previously, all of our packages from outside of Canada would ship to the US and we would cross the border to pick them up. With that not being a possibility, shipping and customs costs into Canada are very, very expensive and unfortunately not feasible for us. In addition to that, some bottles which have been in high demand and many, many closures are completely out of stock until late 2020, from both US and Canadian suppliers. This is simply because they are unable to get the packaging from the manufacturers due to various reasons that they can't control. That being said, we have found solutions with sourcing from our various Canadian suppliers. This has changed many things for us;

- Some packaging will be substituted: Due to not being able to source specific packaging at all, we have been forced to substitute some of our packaging. But, we are doing our best to make sure all the products are easy to use and the packaging change will not change your experience in using and enjoying the product. Most of these changes are different colors of bottles, some jars instead of bottles where that is feasible, different closures etc., all mostly effecting the aesthetic of the product rather than the functionality. We thank you for your patience with us and apologize for the mismatched colors in advance. 

- Some delays are expected: Due to limiting the amount of workers, and making sure to follow safety protocols, our suppliers have had increased delays. Instead of shipping within a few days or even sometimes same day, we are faced with 2-4 week processing times. Unfortunately there is nothing our suppliers can do and we are thankful that they are able to help us and provide us with the packaging and ingredients we need during this difficult time. But, this may delay our processing time as well, due to being low on packaging and ingredients. We are truly thankful to all of our customers for their patience with us and our doing our best to fulfill everything as quick as we can. Please note, we are a small, family owned business and there is only 2 of us taking care of all the crafting of the products, customer service, shipping, inventory and sourcing. We are doing our best to get back to you as soon as possible, but there might be delays in our response time. Thank you for your understanding with this!

- Shipping slowdowns may happen: Shipping companies have advised that they are no longer offering guarantees on delivery and are generally facing shipping delays due to increased safety protocols. Though we have been majorly shipping through UPS and the shipping delays have only been a few days or less, unexpected shipping delays may still occur. We thank you for your patience with this!


We are so thankful to each one of you who has supported us through out the years! Wishing you a happy and healthy time, Ariel & Leeona